The Importance of a Website Audit

The Importance of a Website Audit

A Website audit is the first step to a successful SEO strategy

Do you have a website and despite its beautiful design it still does not bring you new customers? Do you still have very low website traffic or maybe people can’t find you in search engines? Are you asking yourself where the mistake may be? The easiest way to find answers to your concerns is to get a comprehensive audit of your website. A comprehensive website audit will show you what the shortcomings of your website are. These shortcomings can significantly impact your search engine visibility, gaining new customers, or selling yourself online. If you are still hesitant about whether your website needs a website audit, then read this article. In the following lines, we will try to answer all the questions related to the website audit so that you can make the right decision.

What is a website audit?

A website audit is a very important document because it contains a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the website’s current state. A comprehensive website audit will provide you with an evaluation of all on-page and off-page factors of the website, an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the website and will show all technical and content errors of the website. A website audit identifies existing problems within your website that may harm the health of your site and prevent a higher ranking on Google. A professionally crafted website audit will show that a website is properly optimized not only for search engines but also for website users. The website audit created by True SEO experts will also include recommendations for correcting the shortcomings that are found.

Why does my website need a website audit?

Search engines do not see the website from the same perspective as users. Search engines need a specific website structure to recognize and understand the content of a website and to be able to display that content in search results. However, if the structure of your website has shortcomings, search engines will not be able to read it correctly, nor will they display it in their search results. And it is the website audit that will provide you with an overall overview of your website. A website audit will show you the performance of your website and also see if your website achieves maximum search engine visibility and maximum value for the user. Based on the website audit results, you can eliminate the identified problems and thus gain better visibility in search engines and increase your traffic. Because if you have a properly optimized website, people who search for specific phrases, words, products, services, or answers to their questions are more likely to be redirected to your website. Search engines will bring visitors to your website who are looking for your products or services because the website is primarily intended for users.

A website audit is the foundation of any successful SEO strategy. Therefore, you should contact SEO experts who will conduct an audit of your site and will also implement proposals thereafter. True SEO experts will help you achieve better search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, increase your profits and help you achieve your goals. Are you ready to improve your SEO? Contact us.

A professional website audit has the following advantages:

  • A website audit is the basis of a successful long-term SEO strategy
  • A website audit will provide a complete and detailed analysis of the health, status and performance of a website
  • A website audit will show all the strengths and also weaknesses of the website that need to be improved
    A website audit identifies all on-page and off-page deficiencies that need to be optimized
  • A website audit reveals whether your website achieves maximum visibility in search engines
  • A website audit will show if your website is user friendly
  • A website audit will show an overall view of the effectiveness of SEO on your site
  • A website audit helps you keep up with the changing online environment in your industry
  • If website audits are properly integrated into your marketing strategy, they will bring more visitors to your website
  • A website audit will give you a complete picture of the current effectiveness of your website, show you where it can be further optimized and improved, and identify problems that could harm the health of your website.

When is the right time to do a website audit?

If your website is new, it should be optimized as soon as it is created. Website audits should be performed regularly after setting up an optimization strategy. If your website has never been optimized or if your previous SEO strategy has failed, then the first step to a new successful SEO strategy is a website audit. Subsequently, based on the website audit, the site can be optimized and then the audit should be performed at regular intervals. From the results of the audit, you will be able to compare changes for individual periods and monitor whether they meet your goals in your SEO project. It is recommended that a website audit be carried out regularly on a monthly basis. Regular audits will help you monitor the performance of your website, identify problems, and correct any errors that are found.

A website audit should be performed even if:

  • You are starting a new SEO strategy
  • Your website has never been optimized for search engines like is Google
  • Your site is not properly optimized
  • You strive for better visibility in search results
  • You want to increase your position in organic search
  • You want to reduce bounce rates from your website
  • You are not achieving your sales goals and want to increase your online sales
  • Your SEO strategy is outdated
  • Your investment in marketing activities are inefficient
  • You want to increase your conversion rate
  • Your website is at risk or has already been penalized by search engines


A website audit should be the basis of any successful and long-term SEO project because it is a very important document for every website. A website audit will not only reveal shortcomings in your website but fixing the errors found can move your website to higher positions in search engine results and increase the organic traffic of your website. If you have decided to identify problems on your website or want to improve your overall online presence, please contact us. We will provide you with a comprehensive website audit and we also can help you fix all the errors found on your site. Furthermore, our ongoing SEO services can boost your website traffic, improve your online branding and increase the number of conversions.

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